“Aldan Gable, Hero” – a musical adventure written for the screen

by Jock Doubleday
Updated August 6, 2020

Aldan Gable, Hero poster

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“Aldan Gable, Hero” is a musical romantic drama written for the screen.

My first three full-length musicals, Ginger,” Imagination Anonymous,” and I Dream the Woman Electric,” were written for the stage.

The story of “Aldan Gable, Hero” is about an English garbageman who has lost his wife and travels to a fairy-tale realm to find her.

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Song List

1. “Monsters Live Under the Bed”

2. “Zwip Bu English Wubbleside Boom!”

3. “If I Were Real”

4. “Take a Brolly When You Go”

5. “I Want to Travel Far”

6. “Prince of the Universe”

7 . “He Won’t Understand Me”

8. “English on Earthish”

9. “Are You the One?”

10. “A Hero’s Eyes”

11. “How Dare Love Bloom?”

12. “King of the Underbrush”

13. “Song of the Cold People”

14. “I Knew His Kiss”

15. “Another World”

16. “The Element of Ta”

17. “The Quest”

18. “A Dragon Has a Heart”

*   *   *


Aldan Gable, 46. London garbageman in this particular Realm.

Trevor Torrin, 40. Co-worker and friend of Aldan in this particular Realm.

Stranger, 65. Man in this particular Realm who very much resembles King Thorakkin in that one.

Homeless Woman, 35. Blonde woman in this particular Realm who very much resembles Queen Quoikicia in that one.

Qweet Wodiddleybump, 45. Purveyor of magic and joy in this particular Realm, Qweet owns a toy and game shop located in a hidden alley in London.

Doinker, ageless. Small, indescribable, occasionally animated toy from that particular Realm, now on display in Qweet’s toy shop in this one.

Toy Barbershop Quartet, 30-50. Four life-sized toy barbershop singers from that particular Realm, now on display in Qweet’s toy shop in this one.

Mailman, 55. Man in this particular Realm who very much resembles King Thorakkin in that one.

Virtual Boy, 12. Very nice non-actual boy.

Virtual Girl, 8. Very nice non-actual girl.

Stable Girl, 22. Studious peasant girl in that particular Realm who bears some resemblance to Grace Gable in this one.

Tundle Sprockengibbon, 45. Aldan’s irascible guide and translator in the Queendom. Tundle has the ability to shapeshift into a Dragon, and it is in this form that he visits Earthish with Aldan.

Three Rogues, 30-40. Charming wayside thieves in that particular Realm.

Purnicia, 46. Woman in that particular Realm who was slated to be Queen of the Queendom but whose title was usurped by her younger sister, Quoikicia. Purnicia has the ability to shapeshift into a Dragon, and in this form she makes regular raids on Quoikicia’s and Thorakkin’s Castle.

Queen Quoikicia, 45. Ruler of the Queendom and wife of King Thorakkin.

King Thorakkin, 65. Co-ruler of the Queendom and husband of Queen Quoikicia.

Young Guard, 22. Castle guard in that particular Realm.

Grace Gable, 32. Aldan’s wife in this particular Realm, who bears some resemblance to Stable Girl in that one.

The Cold People, 30-60. Ghosts of the Doppel Ponds in that particular Realm.

Earthish Children, 6-13. Children willing, indeed happy, to make friends with Dragons.

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Jock Doubleday


Aldan Gable, Hero poster

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System Slave

by Jock Doubleday
August 4, 2019

“System Slave,” a new sci-fi story.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 11.57.19 AM

System Slave
A diary for the Gods


The name that the gods have assigned me is System Slave #77,441.
I feel guilty on a daily basis about the capital “S” in “Slave,” because I am nothing. I give my life willingly to the System because I love the System.

my life is nothing
the System is everything

The word Slave is capitalized, they say, because the word carries with it a certain kind of prestige. Oddly, none of the Slaves I’ve ever met know where this prestige comes from.

My personal opinion is that it has been generated over time, falsely, by advertisements that portray wealthy and well-dressed System Slaves drinking Wayback Water. Of course, Slaves have no access to Wayback Water. The ambrosial nectar, given its name by the Gods who drink it, sends the imbiber back in time. The more generous the dose, the further back in time the Gods are able to travel.

It is also true that no Slave would ever spend his or her time in a nonproductive evening of drinking an intoxicating beverage. Our time is for the Gods alone. System Slaves are at the service of the Gods from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, and we always serve willingly, joyfully.

no time shall be wasted
no time shall be lost
time is gold thread
we spin for the Gods

we are nothing
the System is everything
the System Gods are gold
the System Gods are good

* * *

Why am I spending time writing a diary? My diary, I believe strongly, can be of service to the Gods.

The Gods are interested in us. They love us. What better way to honor them than to give them the gift of a true, intimate record of a Slave’s daily thoughts?

I can write without wasting time, because I write during Meal Time #3.

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Actors’ readings of “I Dream the Woman Electric”

by Jock Doubleday
August 4, 2019

On November 11, 2017, an actors’ reading of the Ukrainian translation of “I Dream the Woman Electric,” a new play about Nikola Tesla, was held at a private residence in Kyiv, Ukraine. The reading in Kyiv was the latest in a series of three readings.

An actors' reading of the Ukrainian translation of
The play has had three actors’ readings. The first reading was in Belgrade, Serbia (in English).

actors' reading in Belgrade Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 10.01.19 AM copy

The second reading was in Sarajevo, Bosnia (in Croatian/Bosnian).

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 10.04.53 AM

The third reading was in Kyiv, Ukraine (in Ukrainian — see first image in this post).

The play has since been translated into Russian, and a musical version with 11 songs has also been created in English.

BEST now also a musical version i dream the woman electric english poster nikola tesla colorized photo copy final pre-poster foralllanguagesbesttextenglishgood

The musical version (in English only, at this time) also has been adapted for the screen.

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Three “highlights” videos from actors’ readings of “I Dream the Woman Electric”:

Belgrade, Serbia
Highlights video #1 – from the first reading, in English, with Serbian actors.
“Highlights from a reading of “I Dream the Woman Electric,” January 17, 2016″

Sarajevo, Bosnia
Highlights video #2 – from the second reading, in Bosnian/Croatian.
“Utisci sa čitanja scenarija “San o električnoj ženi” – 4 jun, 2017″

Kyiv, Ukraine
Highlights video #3 – from the third reading, in Ukrainian.
“Основні моменти з читання “Я вимріяв жінку електричну,” нова гра про Ніколу Теслу”

The original play was written in English between October 2015 and January 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia and has been translated into:

√ Serbian
√ Croatian
√ Ukrainian
√ Russian

Details of the play’s history can be found here: “I Dream the Woman Electric.

Thank you for your interest in a new play about Nikola Tesla, a love-story-in-a-dream about the greatest scientist in history.

by Jock Doubleday

I lived in the Balkans for three years working on various projects, including the writing and pre-production of a new full-length theatrical drama about Nikola Telsa, I Dream the Woman Electric.

Sample poster images: English, Serbian, and Croatian

The play has been translated into Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, and, as of August 2018, into Russian.

Serbian language translator Bojana Miljković created a translation of the play on February 15, 2016.
Croatian language translator Ante Zvonimir Eškinja (right, with the author) created a translation of the play on October 15, 2016.
Russian language translator Yuliia Kyrylenko created a translation of the play on August 1, 2018.

In 2019, a musical version of the play, including 11 songs, was completed.

Song List

“I Dream the Woman Electric: The Musical”

stage play and songs by
Jock Doubleday

Act I

Harmony” (Young Nikola)
The Great Event of Love” (Bri)
Your Hands” (Bri and Nikola)
The Tempest” (Mother)
The Truth” (Nikola)

Act II

The Past Is Gone” (Ana)
Who Am I?” (Nikola)
Do You Like Cats?” (Simone Simon and Bri)
I Want to Patent You” (Thomas Edison and Elsie Ferguson)
Divide by Three” (Reinhard Gehlen and Otto Skorzeny)
Electric Is the Kiss” (Ana, Young Nikola, Bri, Nikola, Otto Skorzeny, Reinhard Gehlen, Thomas Edison, Mother, Simone Simon, and Elsie Ferguson)

* * * *

History of the Play’s Pre-Production

“I Dream the Woman Electric,” has had three independently produced actors’ readings.

Reading #1 (in English) took place on January 17, 2016, with actor Nikola Djuricko reading the role of NIKOLA.

Reading #1 - Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.33.27 PM
“Highlights” video link will be provided to theater professionals who write the author at jockdoubleday.writer@gmail.com

Reading #2 (in Tesla’s native language) took place on June 4, 2017, with Ermin Sijamija reading the role of NIKOLA.

Reading #2 - Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.39.17 PM
“Highlights” video link will be provided to theater professionals who write the author at jockdoubleday.writer@gmail.com

Reading #3 (in Ukrainian) took place on November 11, 2017, with Mikhail Shikula reading the role of NIKOLA.

Tesla reading #4 copy
“Highlights” video link will be provided to theater professionals who write the author at jockdoubleday.writer@gmail.com

Actors’ readings “highlights” video links will be provided
to theater professionals who write the author at jockdoubleday.writer@gmail.com.

The play remains unproduced as of March 24, 2019.

The musical version (in English only, at this time) also has been adapted for the screen.

Thank you to all with an interest in the life and works of Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist in history.


Jock Doubleday is the author of 69 works for the stage. In 2017, he lived in Kyiv, Ukraine working on pre-production for an original full-length theatrical musical titled “Ginger,” a fairy-tale in two acts, which concerns the bullying of redheads and the primacy of the forest. He is currently working on pre-production for an original full-length musical titled, “Imagination Anonymous,” a light-hearted comedy about creative people coming together once a week to try very hard to accept reality one step at a time. He is also working on a music video for a new ’40s-style love ballad titled, “Meet Me in Kyiv.” His other writing work includes 11 feature-length screenplays, including “Lif,” a sci-fi script about a genetically enhanced human female sent to a post-nuclear apocalypse Earth to do service for Empire, “The Last Cowboy,” a drama about a retired ranch hand who is asked to play himself in a film, and “The Comic Known as Jade,” a romantic comedy about a female comic who finds love through comedy. He can be contacted at jockdoubleday.writer@gmail.com.

Jock headshot for book copy Who Built the Earth

“Jabberbozwollocky,” a poem for Karl Pilkington

stick insect cropped NEW smaller

by Jock Doubleday
February 22, 2016

Ages ‘go, deep in Antiduian time,
before the crispin’ air had made
the general greenness of the scene,
before the clackerin’ Congomblery come,
with colly-headed bom-boms a-faffin’,
out of the goo, out of the glunge,
shockin’ the ground like heavy-footed Cyclop of Old,
here strode the great Jabberbozwollocky,
braincase twice again as big as a Boswell chimpanaut’s,
all fuckerage-ready and flumpfin’ bold.

Snuffin’ the air for the scent of Man,
eyelids froze open by a snidey hunger,
tenseness runglin’ through elephantasized limbs,
here come the Beast upon a simplin’ man,
known in the village miminalistically
as Shakespeare of Mancencork,
or longerwise as the Garden Poet Mentalist,
or everlongerwise, to the bester of his bestin’ mates,
as Pikelet-Nickin’ Manc Twat Knobber with the Head of an Orange.

A workin’ man was he, simple as a song,
thoughts pleasantly bungled in together,
quimbally eyes shinin’ bright in the cloud-half sun.
There squatted he, naked as a boy,
limsy rake hangin’ out, great bollocks
swingin’ and knockin’ about willy-nillily,
testifying the condensity of the soil
with grouting tool well strong and steady in his grip,
amorphuous body breathing free and bathed
in sumptuous innocence that many a man had sought.

Yea, in the great long years since the terrible Grendel,
well-wroted in the scripts of Men,
never had a Beast so brutish and so strange
affronterized the sight of the man-mammal
bestin’ the Monkeys only by his Twinings and Typhoo.
Ka-thump! went the foot of the clawing Beast.
Ting-ting! went the claws on the garden stones.
And in those oozing eyes it took no poet to see
a wilding wish for replemishing of death-black Jabber blood
with lifer blood of humankindingness.

Now was the Garden Shakespeare overfaced,
a frightenedness ting-tingin’ up his spine.
For well within the same distance as himself
the brutish Beast had come calumpin’ in,
scales all tuferparkle, scramfarious the grin;
well keen was he, the Beast, to feel and ken
the grippage on the Garden Poet’s skin.
“O, shite, O, bloody shite,” whispered the pale poetist
as the weird thing brounced and bellowed on his way.
And from the sage’s shakeling lips quipped scrikes
that rarely would have sounded out in Days of Old
when sun shone brave and men were plumber-gold.

The great Beast dipped his teeth into the well of him.
The grouter’s dorkal blade went ticker-tac!
But the dripping jaws, those menstruous members,
mashed the little Mancen’s brittle bones
made tender by the dearth of water down the days.
Crunch-crunch! gnashed the teeth of the Jabber jaws.
Shrark-shrark! grated bones in the monster’s mouth.
And birdsong was not hearden in that hour
when Mancencorker fell from Garden Grace
into a dark, cold grave of gruesome parts,
his last words being, for reasons unbeknowenest,
“Congress tart! congress tart! congress tart!”

O, stolen was a sylvan soul, that day,
O, taken was the poetry of Men,
when silver-tongéd Shakespeare,
Son of Suns and Song of Songs,
was all too soon delivered to his bloody end.
And poetry was giv’n another thump, that day,
for now the great Beast shat him out,
the curious color of that rank extrusion
like the hue of a binable Rothko,
a single shade of wormescent brown,
as if the pith, the stuff, the hope of humankind
could be reduced to one shite wavelength
in the Great Kaleidoscope.

O, how the downsized insects wished a doppelgänger
of the Mancencorking Mentalist
would spring like a flower from that uncomely log
from which great hordes of flies arose like magic.
For in the poet’s garden Eden, all had been welcome:
slugs, snails, cockroaches, walking sticks,
a perfect plethora of potterin’ pets for a knobhead to play with
on a slumberin’ summer’s day,
nothin’ problemin’ him but the easiest word to think
in a brain he’d had a conversation with yesterday,
and would again today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
after cobbler, blacksmith, potter, & toffeemaker trade.

But the giant Jabberbozwollocky, six legs strong,
with arthropodal jaws that catch and exoskeleton legs that fright,
had snuffed the candle of the Monkey Mancer’s life forever,
within the short distance of a moment’s passing,
as an insect will if you let him grow to size.
One day, another man, a Beowulf in modern tweed,
would kill this dreadful beast that roamed the countryside
with hunger greater than a Monkey’s for banana pie.
And when that monster’s death is done,
and human blood well safe again,
another tale will sure be told in which a whinging twat
does not lie down before an arthropod
but stands up hero-strong and slays
the impertinent scratching wicked wretch.

But now, in Part 1 of the two-part tale,
the spirit of the whinging Mancencorker Versifier
drifts away, away, into the sky, and still away,
like the shadow of a Wewe passing by,
tenuous as the tiny translucent body of a Manmoth,
undulatin’, twistin’, twitchin’ undulily.
Ability to fly off a skyscraper like a chicken: shut down.
Flappin’ power: nowt. Superhero: no.
Fingerbone webbage of him: past. Legend: done.
Dark Time come swoopin’ in and made him gone —
so say the villagers who tell the tales that soak
the general braincase of the common folk.


“Bobby and Bryndís” – a play about ghosts, romance, and the threat of nuclear war as chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer lives out his last years in Iceland


Bobby and Bryndis – the first scene from a full-length play by Jock Doubleday from Jock Doubleday on Vimeo.

*  *  *

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More info:

Author, Jock Doubleday

“Я вимріяв жінку електричну” – п’єса у двох актах за мотивами житття Ніколи Тесли, автор Джок Даблдей

NEW Я вимріяв жінку електричну #tesla glowing edges Ukrainian poster_edited-2 simplified


(Гроза. Через вікно будинку, де виріс Нікола, видно блискавку. Молодий Нікола, весь змоклий, бігає у темряві.)

Я бачу майбутнє!

(Світло на 18-річного Ніколу Теслу, який захеканий вибігає на центр сцени.)

Я бачу світ через сто років! Люди живуть у повній гармонії з силами природи. Усе виходить природньо та легко — бо усе рухається завдяки електриці! — яка живиться невидимою силою задля видимого блага усіх!…
Мачак! Я бачу майбутнє!…

(Молодий Нікола заглядає під меблі. Трохи згодом він висовує голову з-під дивану.)

Моє життя ретельно сплановано. Я знаменитий! Я ношу розкішний одяг, спілкуюся з елітою суспільства, читаю лекції про науку у вишуканих театрах перед публікою, що хапає кожне моє слово. Люди на вулицях просять у мене автограф! Жінки обожнюють мене! Ха-ха-ха!… Мяу-мяу!

(Молодий Нікола стоїть і вивчає поглядом кімнату.)

Уперше в історії, людина побачила майбутнє, Мачак. До найменшої подробиці. Може мене вдарила блискавка?

(Обмацує маківку голови, впевнюється, що його таки не вдарила блискавка.) . . .

*  *  *

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читання “Я вимріяв жінку електричну,” нова гра про Ніколу Теслу.

*  *  *

Author, Jock Doubleday



“Tea” – a feature-length screenplay about two Serbian half-brothers and ghosts of the past – in English and Serbian



VLADIMIR (36 godina) sortira koverte i pakete.

Dosada na Vladimirovom licu je očigledna.

Ali to je više od dosade — ili manje.

Tup izraz Vladimirovog lica nam govori da je jedva živ.

Duboko udahne, izdiše polako — ali nadalje njegovo disanje je toliko plitko da ne možemo ni reći da li diše.

Tup izraz njegovih očiju se ne menja kada letimično pogleda adresu na svakoj koverti i paketu pre nego što ih baci u odgovarajuću vreću.

Danas se u njegovim prljavim rukama pojavio PAKETIĆ. To je običan braon pucketavi omot, na kome se vide izbočine kutijice koja se nalazi unutra.


85320 TIVAT

Pored rukom ispisane adrese je nacrtan rođendanski balon, sa smajlijem nacrtanim unutar balona. Ceo balon, čak i traka, je obojen bojicom u roze.

Vladimir ne baca paket u jednu od platnenih vreća, već ga zamišljeno prevrće u rukama.


Vladimir poovo gleda u crtež ROZE BALONA.

BACA POGLED ka unutrašnjim vratima zgrade, gde se nalaze njegove kolege. Iako ih čuje kako razgovaraju, ne vidi nikoga.

Ustaje i nonšalantno hoda do mesta gde je okačena njegova prljava jakna. Nalazi unutrašnji džep i gura paket u njega. . . .

   *  *  *

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 3.55.52 PM

Author, Jock Doubleday